7 Mistakes to Avoid & Find the Right Techs Faster! [PODCAST]

Mar 27, 2023

Say Goodbye to Desperate Attempts to Find Techs

From the Mind-Wrench podcast with Rick Selover show notes:

Like most all repair shops in the country, is one of your major priorities each week, trying to find & hire good, quality technicians?

Does it seem your desperate attempts to find people, have you running expensive ads, posting on social media, hitting-up every vendor that walks in your shop & even advertising “HELP WANTED” on a sandwich board in front of your business… but with very limited-or-no success?

Is all this got you feeling like you’re tossing teaspoons of water at 5-alarm blazing fire?

Well, after this week’s episode, hopefully you can drop the teaspoon & open up the firehose! This week, my interview with Chris Lawson, founder of, will help you learn that you can save time & energy by giving up those outdated ways of looking for techs, and start utilizing a better system with much more effective methods, and find the technicians that are right for YOUR shop!

Episode Highlights

13:34 What is the most important thing that you can mention in your ads no matter what position you are hiring for?

13:56 How do you tell a story about your shop that attracts technicians?

14:12 What is shop "culture" and why is it important to communicate it in your ads?

15:50 Every shop has a culture. How do you discover what yours is?

18:45 What mindset will help you find the right person for each open position in your shop?

23:15 What does it take to be successful finding technicians on social media?

25:15 Why is it important to have a coach on your side as you grow your shop?

28:06 What is the #1 mistake that shops make when looking for technicians?

28:58 Why is throwing more money at job boards a losing proposition?

31:10 Why techs ghost you and what to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

33:40 What is the best way to make sure that you don't find yourself in a pinch when an employee quits on you?

34:35 How can you increase the response rates of you help wanted ads by 20% - 30%?

37:39 What is "selling the dream" of your shop and how do you do it?

44:15 How do you find good techs that aren't looking for work?


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