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It’s no secret that there’s a national shortage for technicians but here’s the real problem…

of technicians are actively looking for work at any given time. (when you post an ad on Craigslist or a job board these are the ONLY techs who will see it no matter how much money you spend to promote it!)

are happy where they are and won’t even consider your offer.

are open to new opportunities (but you have to get creative to find them and get them to respond because they aren’t scanning job boards, usually don’t have up to date resumes and they are already working so there’s no urgency)

Not being able to find good techs when you need them can lead to huge business problems. It…

Stops growth in
its tracks
Kills productivity
and efficiency
Crushes team

As an Independent Repair Shop, what’s your plan for competing with dealerships and big national chain stores when they offer:

  1. Aggressive compensation with outrageous sign on bonuses
  2. Brand new stores and up-to-date tools and equipment
  3. Steady car counts (full bays)
  4. Flexible hours and Paid Time Off
  5. Factory Training
  6. Full Health Care Benefits
  7. Retirement plans with generous company matching
  8. Clean, climate controlled shops
  9. Abundant opportunities for advancement

My Name is Chris Lawson and I can help you find techs faster…

In 2017 I was asked to give a social media presentation in Burbank, California for 10 Independent Automotive Repair Shop Owners.

That presentation changed the trajectory of my 5-year-old social media company.

Over the next 6 months we picked up 9 of the 10 shops as clients and started working with them to see how we could apply our professional copywriting, social media ad placement and public relations expertise to helping them find qualified technicians.

I attended conferences, joined and became active in industry trade associations, I also interviewed hundreds of techs (and probably bought over 1,000 beers), shop owners and shop managers. I also personally read hundreds of ads for automotive and diesel technicians from all over the country.

After all of that, I crunched the data with my team and discovered that there were

Three critical mistakes that independent auto and truck repair shop owners were making when trying to find techs:

Their ads sucked

(they were boring, uninspiring and looked like every other tech ad out there. From my research and experience as a certified direct response copywriter, I could now write ads that truly spoke to the frustrations and desires of good techs)

Their ads aren’t seen by the right people

(Relying on word of mouth, chatting up the tool guy, posting ads on a job board or Craigslist and praying might have worked in the past but it’s not an effective strategy in today’s job market. Our expertise in social media allowed us to target the good techs with pin-point accuracy. Even if they weren’t looking for other opportunities)

They didn’t follow-up

(good techs slip through the cracks every day when independent shops don’t have organized and efficient follow-up systems in place. Our expertise in lead generation came in handy for helping clients nurture relationships with techs until the toolbox was moved in)

We went on to solve these problems one-by-one for our clients through trial and error (art, science and a lot of brute force!).

Last year our small but dedicated agency placed over 100 technicians for 76 Independent Automotive and Diesel Repair Shops using our proprietary 8-step Technician Find process.

It’s not a magic bullet but as one of our long-time clients told me recently,
“You’re really good at grabbing techs’ attention
and getting them to apply”.

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We’re not a mass production company. We cap the number of shops we work with at 30 locations at a time and we have strict geographic restrictions in place so we don’t pit client against client for the same techs. If you think this is the right option for you, it’s better to act quickly or you might find yourself on the waiting list.

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Train Your Staff To Generate Qualified Technician Applications On Demand

Most shops wing it when trying to find techs. A post here, a conversation there, and more money each month going to Indeed or ZipRecruiter. You need a system that works. With this option, we train your team to set up, monitor and maintain our proven system for finding techs on demand.

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Network with other Independent auto repair shops and apply what you learn.

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Has the neverending search for a great technician consumed your life? Are you not enjoying the freedom, profit and growth that you thought you would get from your business? We’ve helped hundreds of Automotive and Diesel Repair Shops find techs faster because when the pain is taken out of finding high-quality staff, independent auto and truck repair shop owners are set free to chase their dreams!

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