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Technician Find VIP

A done for you service that will locate good technicians and get them to apply so you can hire faster.


Spaces are limited. We’re not a mass production company. We cap the number of shops we work with at 30 locations at a time and we have strict geographic restrictions in place so we don’t pit client against client for the same techs. If you think this is the right option for you, it’s better to act quickly or you might find yourself on the waiting list.



Technician Find VIP is for established Independent Automotive and Diesel Repair Shops that are looking for a way to predictably source candidates to staff their business. If you own or manage an independent repair shop you’re probably struggling with:

  • Finding qualified techs and getting them to apply
  • Getting in front of the really good techs who are already working and aren’t looking but would be open to the right offer
  • Getting too many applications from unqualified candidates
  • Getting applicants that are outside of your local geographic area
  • Starting conversations with interested techs only to have them “ghost” you and stop responding
  • How to position yourself against fleets, local dealers and big national chains who pitch huge salaries, ridiculous sign-on bonuses, sparkling new facilities and rich benefits packages
  • What to say in your ads to make them stand out from your local competition and breakthrough the noise to get techs to apply
  • Spending more money each month on job boards and receiving less results
  • How to use social media effectively to attract quality staff
  • Finding the time each day to effectively source candidates from the internet

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Once you sign up for Technician Find VIP and complete the onboarding call, our team goes to work finding you qualified staff:

Custom Ad Creation:

Our professional copywriters create unique, customized ads for each open position (these ads stand out, lift your shop above the competition and get techs to apply).

Online Posting:

Once approved, your ads are strategically placed online to maximize exposure to the best candidates.

Social Media Placement:

Up to 72 individual ads are created and promoted via highly targeted social media marketing campaigns (this is how you find good techs who aren’t looking for work!) NOTE: A nice side benefit is that current, past and future customers will see your professionally written ads and it will cause them to reach out to schedule appointments at your shop - our clients tell us all the time that they are busier when we are running their help wanted ads!

Referral Postcards (optional):

If you offer a referral bonus, our graphic designers will create a custom referral postcard with a QR code to your job ads. These postcards can be distributed to employees, customers or your local network to get high-quality referrals for your open positions.


Unlimited access to the Technician Find Private Facebook Group where independent repair shop owners and managers come together to talk about what’s working right now to find techs.


Get 24/7 support via the Technician Find Private Facebook Group. You also have email/chat/call support with your account manager during regular business hours. Also take advantage of live bi-weekly training sessions and Q&A on the latest trends for what’s working right now to find techs.

No long-term commitment:

Start the service when you need help. Pause it after you’ve hired someone.

Financial Investment:

All fees are simple and transparent. Your $997 monthly investment covers the management of the service. There is a one-time setup fee of $497 in the first month. NOTE: daily advertising fees are not included. These fees cover the cost of displaying your ads and will be discussed in detail during the onboarding process.


If you’re an Independent Automotive or Diesel Repair Shop Owner or Manager with an established business making at least $1,000,000/year and you’re interested in having our team find you some good quality technicians and staying up to date on the cutting edge of what’s working right now to find quality staff for your shop —

Email us and we’ll set up a quick phone call or Google Meet with you to see if Technician Find VIP is a good fit for your shop.

To get started or ask any questions, email [email protected].

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Has the neverending search for a great technician consumed your life? Are you not enjoying the freedom, profit and growth that you thought you would get from your business? We’ve helped hundreds of Automotive and Diesel Repair Shops find techs faster because when the pain is taken out of finding high-quality staff, independent auto and truck repair shop owners are set free to chase their dreams!

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