Your Auto Repair Shop Can Help Support Breast Cancer Research with the Brakes for Breasts Initiative! [PODCAST]

Jul 11, 2023

Breast cancer affects one in eight women, but the Cleveland Clinic is working tirelessly to find a vaccine, and independent auto repair shops are making it possible! 

The Brakes for Breasts initiative is one of the leading fundraisers for the Cleveland Clinic’s breast cancer vaccine research, and to date, independent auto repair shops have raised nearly $2 million for the cause!

Technician Find was proud to sponsor the recent Remarkable Results Radio Podcast with Carm Capriotto featuring Brakes for Breasts founders Leigh Anne Best and Laura Frank along with clinic trial program head Dr. Justin Johnson.

If your auto repair shop hasn’t gotten involved, 2023 is the year to join the fight to keep women safe and healthy.  The Brakes for Breasts Program is now enrolling auto repair shops for the 2023 fundraising drive. 

During the month of October, your shop will commit to donating brake pads to customers.  Your customers will only be responsible for labor and additional parts.  You’ll commit to donating 10% of your brake service sales to Brakes for Breasts, which will then donate 100% to breast cancer vaccine research, currently in phase 1b. 

As an independent repair shop, your involvement in the Brakes for Breasts initiative allows you to market your involvement and advertise your participation in this life saving breast cancer research. You’ll be able to post on your website, social channels, through email marketing efforts and more. 

It’s a terrific way to support a valuable cause, offer your current customers terrific savings, and attract new customers to your auto repair shop.  Consider it a win-win-win.

Register your shop as a Brakes for Breast Shop.

Learn more about the Brakes to Breasts Initiative Here.


Episode Highlights

2:35 Why Brakes for Breasts chose to partner with the Cleveland Clinic

4:15 The importance of having a breast cancer vaccine 

6:45 Introduction to the team that is leading the vaccine and explanation of the trial process and progress

9:50 Walkthrough of the lab and equipment where the vaccination was created

13:10 How independent repair shops united together to raise over 1 million dollars since 2011

15:20 Carm’s 2023 Challenge to repair shops to raise $400k for Brakes for Breasts

18:30 How Brakes for Breasts partners with vendors and the donation process 

21:00 Marketing available to shops to get their vendor on board with the program

24:10 How shops that are already involved can help expand the outreach

26:00 The impact the program has on real people and why increased participation is important

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