Unlock the Power of Indeed Resume to Find Technicians Faster [PODCAST]

Apr 08, 2023

Are You Using Indeed to Find Technicians or is Indeed Using You?

Carm Capriotto, host of Aftermarket Weekly features guest Christopher T. Lawson, Founder of Technician Find to deep dive into what it takes for independent automotive repair shops to find qualified technicians on Indeed.


Episode Highlights


3:15 Indeed just laid off 2,200 employees. Should you be concerned about the platform?

4:25 What is the real power behind Indeed and how can you harness it to find techs faster?

6:40 Indeed sponsored jobs: Why are smart businesses avoiding this feature like the plague?

7:24 Why pay per resume isn't such a good idea if you want to get good results from your technician search.

8:13 Why you need a new strategy for engaging with job boards that's not post, pay and pray.

9:23 What can the famous bank robber Willie Sutton teach shop owners about finding technicians?

9:59 How to be proactive and take control over the quality and quantity of technicians that you pull from indeed.

10:29 What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

11:44 How does the resume search feature work on Indeed and how much does the subscription cost?

13:15 How does ZipRecruiter match up with Indeed?

14:13 Why Post, Pay and Pray is a losing strategy for working with job boards.

15:00 What role does social media play in finding qualified technicians?

16:16 What role does building the right brand play in finding techs?

17:00 Examples of how to build your brand.

18:17 How influential is the spouse in landing a good tech?

20:25 How is finding good techs online is like fishing?

22:10 What is a proven method of outreach on Indeed that gets the best responses?

24:55 How can you maximize the features and get better results from Indeed?

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