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Stop Spinning Your Wheels: We're Here To Help You With Finding Automotive Technicians

Need Help Finding Automotive Technicians? Need Help Finding Diesel Technicians? We Connect Independent Repair Shops with great  mechanics so you can hire faster.
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Independent shop owners turn to Technician Find when they need to connect with mechanics looking for jobs. We specialize in technician recruiting for independent automotive repair shops, and on-demand training that teaches shop owners and managers how to attract qualified mechanic job seekers.

of techs are looking for work at any given time. That’s where our Technician Find VIP service comes in. Our experienced team knows the industry inside and out. Using proprietary research compiled over the last 5 years, we know how to identify, advertise to, and recruit the help you need to remain a top shop in your area. That means our recruitment efforts are not limited to the 5% of auto mechanics and diesel mechanics actively looking for jobs.

of auto or diesel techs are happy where they are and won’t even consider your offer.

of automotive technicians are open to changing jobs at any given time. If you’re exhausted from trying to find a mechanic for hire, we get it. With countless job postings to compete with, connecting with automotive mechanics is harder than most people think. 

Attracting Techs Starts with Your Ads!

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Let Us Take the Wheel: Technician Recruiting Made Easy.

When your shop is down a tech or two it...

Stops growth in
its tracks
Kills productivity
and efficiency
Crushes team

The Technician Find VIP service is designed for independent shop owners and managers struggling with:

  1. Techs who won't return calls and emails
  2. Making your online ads stand out
  3. Receiving too many unqualified applications
  4. Not receiving enough qualified applications
  5. Wasting money on ads that don't deliver results
  6. Competing with dealerships, fleets and national chains


    When you sign up for Technician Find VIP Services you’ll receive:

    • Geotargeted, customized ad copywriting services
    • Strategic placement of your online ads to attract the best candidates
    • Dozens of individual ads placed on social media platforms
    • Access to private social media groups, where members share recruitment tips, successes, and other industry info
    • 24/7 Support from your peers in private online groups
    • Monday-Friday support from your Technician Find account manager
    • Ability to pause and restart recruitment services without paying a termination or reactivation fee

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Steering You in the Right Direction with On-Demand Recruitment Training.

If you want to keep your recruitment in-house, we can help.

Our on-demand tech recruitment coaching and training workshop will walk you step-by-step through setting up your own streamlined recruiting system.

You’ll learn how to write the ads that resonate.

You’ll find out which job boards are most likely to deliver results.

You’ll learn what needs to be included in your job postings.

You’ll learn how to write ads that appeal to technicians at each level to fill all of your open positions.

Learning how to recruit the technicians you need can prevent common auto or diesel repair shop pitfalls such as:

  • Slowed growth
  • Reduced productivity
  • Poor team morale
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Blowing your bottom line

Benefit rich ads that make techs the hero of the story grab attention and pull more applications.

Learn how to write compelling ads for your shop with The Ultimate Technician Ad Checklist. 

If you're having trouble finding automotive technicians, this next section is for you...

The three critical mistakes that independent auto and truck repair shop owners make when trying to find techs:

Their ads suck!

(Go check Indeed for yourself. Most ads are boring, uninspiring and look exactly like every other tech ad out there. Not one in 100 ads is unique, compelling and speaks  directly to the frustrations and desires of good techs)

Their ads aren’t seen by the right people

(Chatting up the tool guy, posting ads on Craigslist or throwing more and more money at Indeed and praying might have worked in the past but it’s not an effective strategy in today’s job market. You need to find techs where they live on Social Media so you can target the good ones with pin-point accuracy. Even if they aren’t looking for other opportunities at the moment)

They don’t follow-up

(good techs slip through the cracks every day when independent shops don’t have organized and efficient follow-up systems in place. You need to have systems and procedures in place to nurture relationships with techs until the toolbox is moved in)

We went on to solve these problems one-by-one for our clients through trial and error (art, science and a lot of brute force!).

Last year our small but dedicated agency placed over 120 technicians for 70 Independent Automotive and Diesel Repair Shops using our proprietary 8-step Technician Find process.

It’s not a magic bullet but as one of our long-time clients told us recently,
“You’re really good at grabbing techs’ attention
and getting them to apply”.

What Shop Owners are Saying About Technician Find...

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We’re not a mass production company. We cap the number of shops we work with at 30 locations at a time and we have strict geographic restrictions in place so we don’t pit client against client for the same techs. If you think this is the right option for you, click the button below to request an invitation.

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Train Your Staff To Generate Qualified Technician Applications On Demand

Most shops wing it when trying to find techs. A post here, a conversation there, and more money each month going to Indeed or ZipRecruiter. You need a system that works. With this option, we train your team to set up, monitor and maintain our proven system for finding techs on demand.

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Click the button below to learn more about the Technician Find Workshop and register (takes less than 5 minutes).

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You and/or your team watch the on-demand video lessons, hop on live bi-weekly training sessions (optional) and apply what you learn.

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Watch your little recruiting machine pop out qualified applications on demand!

Technician Find Workshop